Q: What scriptures are included in the "LDS Scriptures" version of Chapter Tap?

A: This version of the app includes all the LDS Standard Works. Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants & Pearl of Great Price.

Q: Will Chapter Tap work on an iPad?

A: Yes, Chapter Tap will work on an iPad or iPad Mini without a problem. While the user interface is not specifically designed for the iPad screen size, all the funtionality of the app will still work.

Q: Is there an Android/Windows Phone version available?

A: At this time, Chapter Tap is only available on the iOS platform.

Q: Can I install Chapter Tap on multiple phones/devices?

A: Yes, you can install Chapter Tap on multiple devices. As long as all your devices share the same iTunes account or a family account, you will not need to pay to install the app on each of your devices.

Q: Can you set finish goals for each scripture volume?

A: Yes. If you have the Book of Mormon or Bible version of Chapter Tap, you can set different start/end dates for each scripture book you are reading.

Q: I purchased the Book of Mormon version, can I upgrade to the Standard Works version?

A: No, at this time it's not possible to upgrade to the LDS Scriptures version from the BOM version. You will need to purchase the LDS Scriptures version of Chapter Tap to get the other scripture volumes.

Q: Do you have any app updates coming in the future?

A: Future app updates will depend on the number of downloads/sales the app gets and the type of features requested from our users. If you would like to share an idea or feature request for the next release, contact us. Thanks!